Family Dinners

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Family Dinners

Today is my birthday and as a nice treat,

My family took me to Ryan's to eat.

Born on Mom’s birthday, we both celebrate,

Eat the nice meal, then share the same cake.

Seven warm bodies in a jovial mood,

Laughing and eating, enjoying the food.

Then from my left side I heard a remark,

That took me back decades with the speed of a lark.

A male voice said, "I'll take them out for the meal.

We won't have to clean up or bother with spills."

The lady said, "That's nice and then to a show?

I think they will like it. Thanksgiving, you know."

I thought of those days when the world was still young.

Remembering holidays when home bells had rung.

My heart skipped inside as though squeezed in a vice.

A restaurant for Thanksgiving?  And they think that’s nice?

A picture so clear that it quite took my breath,

Formed in my brain and enveloped myself.

I saw in my mind's eye the aunts cooking food,

For kids who were taught what it meant to be good.

Mama and daddy bringing us back “tuh’ home”,

For family Sundays where the table would groan.

I could see the huge kitchen where a light swung above.

And the bustle and stirring, all the movements of love.

I could see grandma drying her hands as she smiled.

“The dressing is cooking.  It’ll be a short while.”

That huge cast iron wood stove that turned out such feasts

That no one left hungry, all appetites eased.

The smells and the gossip, the laughter and tears,

The wisdom of ages wrapped in all of those years.

The men folk were porch bound and telling tall tales.

We kids played outside without toy stores and sales.

We all had each other and if there was a need.

The family pitched in and did at warp speed.

Love was the binding that kept us so warm,

We never expected to ever meet harm.

At times like today I must show my age.

The things that I miss make me sound old and sage.

But I have a pain aching deep in my heart

For all the lost love broken families impart.

What things will the children remember one day?

What makes the difference for a memory to stay?

How can we nurture and how can we mend.

If our relatives never come together again?

I thank God that we had a strong hearth and home.

We may have been poor but the love was sure strong.

A backbone of family makes a young heart grow true.

I pray for the children. What else can we do?

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kat's picture

Very nice Jessica. Just right at Thanksgiving time.
I remember my mom bustling around the kitchen for T-day and
Christmas---so many good things came out of that kitchen!
Good job.