A Quick Journey Home


The artwork below,"The Egg Basket" is a copyrighted painting by Robert Duncan and used with his permission.  It is not to be copied or changed in any way.  To view more of his lovely talent, click on the paint pallette.

A Quick Journey Home

Today I found a picture while surfing on the net,

That took me back so many years, the number I'll forget.

A young girl poised in sunlight with basket stands at rest,

And gazes past the chickens that are gathered round their nests.

I wonder if she's dreaming of the future where she stands.

Will she find a better ending? Give her heart to some dear man?

Will she leave the farm and family and live long miles away?

Do those dreams that she alone can see cause her to look that way?

Today I saw myself upon the screen as years slid back.

A country girl with hopes and dreams, the heart inside me cracked.

I left my home and loved ones and I know that's how it's done.

We all grow up and make our paths when childhood's race is run.

But even as I sit here with a tear upon my cheek,

I long to live just one more day as that country girl so meek.

Life has a way of giving us the very things we dream.

Too bad we don't yet understand things aren't what they seem.

Today I found a picture while surfing on the net.

It makes me proud to know that I've no reason to regret.

I journeyed to my home today, that "long ago", "back when".

And I'm more thankful for it now than I was way back then.

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Elizabeth Frilles's picture

It's wonderful! Me, too, sometimes i long for my youthful days...full of laughters, fun and dreams! It's nice to reminisce the past, and with your Poem, Ms. Martin, it's warm & perfect. Hope i can make beautiful poems like you do. Would you care to be my mentor? Hopeful, me. Thanks.

Richard Weller's picture

What is the name of the song behind "A Quick Journey Home?"
I play some of these on the piano like 'Send in the Clowns'
and 'Alley Cat' but didn't recognise this one. Thanks for the good stuff!

kat's picture

Well, I could tell you that I just love that background, or perhaps envious of that picture you found. Or even just how great it all goes together. But it's no match for that poem.
The way you paint pictures with words and draw us back to a time or place and the way you express everyday feelings and life in general is probably the reason I most like reading yur poems. I don't think I've ever found one I haven't liked. Four hundred thirteen and counting.....
You did good girl! This is just fabulous!