Behind The Mask

Behind The Mask

All Hail to thee, ye poets,

And friends alike as well.

Thou readest me and heareth,

Yet none of ye can tell.

That herein silent, dormant,

Doth lie a wide abyss.

As empty and as hollow

As mine world that spins amiss.

Ye read and skip and follow

To find a rhyme ye crave.

While I in sadness wallow,

And wait for mine own grave.

When next ye see this poet,

As she pens another rhyme.

Please look a little closer

Than the mask she hides behind.

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Jenny T's picture

this is an awesome piece of work. I think I love it so much because i can relate to it so well, as many others probably can also. The language is so perfect, almost ironic, because it is so eloquent but it expresses such a sad idea. That language is powerful.

By the way, I found your screen name interesting:

kat's picture

Very nice---beautiful colors!
So, hiding behind a mask huh?
Goodness knows what you might write when you come out!!
lol....Really. it's very nice! I like......