Going Home

"Going Home"

There's a bright spot for me as I travel.

And it 's not at some fancy retreat.

But the vision awaits as I journey

Ever homeward God's beauty I meet.

I can't help but think that He knows it...

Thereby planning for me what I see.

Autumn's brightest and richest warm colors

Flood the landscape as my heart soars free.

Red oaks stand burgundy duty

On the roadbank in darkest deep red.

Though I still at the brilliance of color,

There's a symphony inside my head.

Golden maple and bright firey orange,

Mark the path as I make my last turn.

Going home, ahhh, the thought of that journey,

Where in God's arms I'll never more yearn.

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kat's picture

What a wonderful combination to match a beautiful poem as well.
Great job Jessica. Nice to see something so beautiful emerge from
this dreadful week you've experienced. The goodness lies within....
and we get to peek inside. Thanks.