Did I Wake You Up?

Did I Wake You Up?

Did I wake you up again last night?

When I rolled over and whispered your name?

Did you open your eyes in the dark with no light

And think of me here with a pain?

Does your heart ache too with the need like mine,

To see you and feel your warm touch.

Do you hunger for quiet companionship, Love?

Oh Sweetheart, I miss you so much!

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Unknown Poet's picture

Very nice poem. I like how its entirety is a dialogue. Some of the best poems were created in that way.

Tim Derr's picture

I like the realness in your poetry, It just has something natural about it that fits the scenes created by the words.
This poem in particular uses the pic to great advantage.

I wonder, does the poem arrive in your mind from the thoughts created when you find such lovely pics? Just a thought. Anyway, a pleasure to have read this. ~Tim

kat's picture

Very nice Jessica. I understand the sentiment completely. Been there a few times too many myself.
Good read, excellent combinations. You know, I have a copy of that pic on another poem? Just needed the url to post it....hehehe...coming to a webpage near you soon.....