I    have watched four movies we rented.

M  y attention span isn't the best.

B  y the time one had finished I'd lost it!

O  H! My! I am failing this test.

R  eason eludes me, at present.

E  veryone's shopping today.

D  ecidedly I will not join them.

I am bored!  With no more to say!

Music: Can't Get Out Of This Mood

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Reuben Hodge (the Midnight Rider)'s picture

Tut tut, Little Lady. How could one so creative be bored? I've read your poetry for many attentive months and this is the first time I have felt compelled to write! YOU? BORED? What a delightful paradox you are! I can not believe that my favorite perveyor of poetry was bored on the 30th of November. lol I apologize for my latest and longest absence from your halls, but you never even missed me, now did you? Until next time I remain exclusively yours,

the Midnight Rider

kat's picture

Well now, even to this person sick with a cold, that message comes thru loud and clear!
Geeeeeee, what ever made you write this little ditty? lol...GREAT pic too...really cheered
me up on such a blah (and boring) afternoon. Good stuff Jessica.

your partner in boredom