I had a dress of yellow

With a sash that tied in back.

It billowed when I stepped along,

Belinda took it back!

Her Mother gave to Momma,

And my Momma gave it me,

But the castoff was Belinda's

And recognized did she.

I had a love so precious,

That he took my breath away.

I thought of him in night time,

On through the whole of day.

His exwife threw him over

And divorced him through the court,

Accustomed to those cast-offs,

I'm a pretty fair, good sport.

I tell myself I don't care,

When he mentions things they did.

He speaks so fondly of her

I feel Pandora's lid,

I've opened with my own hands,

And let out all the pain.

Should belonging feel so empty?

Should I try so hard I strain?

I wish I could feel better

Than the tension I perceive.

I wish I'd find one single thing

That's MINE and wouldn't leave.

But I just get the castoffs.

I've had them all my life.

Still, I don't want to BE one...

My husband's castoff wife.

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Rachel  Marie Tate's picture

This made me feel a little ache for you... but I grew up with castoffs too, so I know it doesn't bother you so much that you're crying, but I still feel for you... I really love the picture you posted with this~