My Ben

My Ben

In all my life and all my woes,

There is a blessing through the throes,

I'm sure God loves me since he gave me


Ben tagged along, he brought me joy,

He was my own, my darling boy,

No love had I as pure as that of


Early wakeups, bites from ants,

Sneaking biscuits in his pants,

I knew he took them and I laughed at


Ev'rytime he played outside

Fresh flowers brought to me in pride,

Just made me love him even more, my


His gentleness with those less strong,

His care of pets, his gift of song,

Are all a part and parcel of my


When I am sick or troubled sore,

The phone will ring and tears will pour,

"I felt like there was something wrong."  It's


Connected with a love so true

He knows when I am sad or blue,

He reaches out in love for me, my


When pity-parties I should hold,

And think on dross instead of gold,

Lord, remind me that you gave me


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alf's picture

I loved that one Jess. He is obviously some one very special.

Lesa Gay's picture

Dear Jessica,

As everything that you post this is so plainly written with love.

Our children are a true joy. The memories that they give us are priceless. I loved the line that talked about sneaking biscuts in his pants! LOL So much like a child, and something that my son would do.

May you always have the love of your children.


kat's picture

Jessica, that is soooooo cute!
What a perfect lil composition, and Ben sounds pretty special too.
Great poem, great pic...