I    will stay to myself for awhile, I think.

S   ometimes being friendly doesn't pay.

O  nly a soul who has been there can know.

L   oneliness will again come to stay.

A   ll I wanted was to fit in with my peers.

T   oo bad that I made the advance.

I    don't want to travel that road anymore.

O    H!  They won't get another chance!

N    obody knows the rejection I feel.

     Let's assume it's better left unsaid.

     But I'll stay apart from the rest of the group.

     With the warning still clear in my head.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just a little misunderstanding at work that I'm staying OUT OF!  I hate confrontations and they literally make me sick.

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kat's picture

Very nice. You always find the best pics to go with your poems! Altogether, as usual, very nicely done.
So, another hard day at work, huh? Just smile, keep your head up and they will wonder what secret you know.