He Hurts

He Hurts

His heart pain never gives him rest.

It frightens me a lot.

He's strong and kind and caring and,

He's all the love I've got.

Nobody else stands by my side

Through trouble that I see.

He holds my hand and lets me cry.

He suffers silently.

For twelve long years I've done it all,

The yardwork and the bills.

I've lived alone and cried alone,

In heartache, worry, ills.

Then here comes Jim with his dimples,

And heart of purest gold.

How I wish I'd met him sooner!

We both are growing old.

He's strong for me and I love him,

With caustic wit and charm.

I live to be in his presence,

Be held in his long arms.

The groans escape his lips sometimes,

But I already know,

The pain he lives with everyday,

His breathing tells me so.

I thank God for His blessing me

With Jim as my own love,

And if our time is not to be

The longest, it's enough.

Enough for me to understand

That what we have is true.

I've found my heart's desire in him.

Each day my vows renew.

If I could have one wish today,

And it ordained above.

No treasure would I covet dear,

No money, but in love

I'd ask for painfree hours and days,

For strength to fill him too,

I'd ask that he be whole again,

No pain, no weakness, NEW!

No matter what the consequence,

He might stay or just go,

I'd still wish for a healthy heart,

Because I love him so.

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kat's picture

Very nicely done, Jessica.