Do You Wish For Less?

Do You Wish For Less?

Do you think of the times when the world was still kind,

And a child was a child til he wed?

When the rain in your face was refreshing to taste,

And the ground could be fun as a bed?

Do you ever recall playing games of stickball,

Since nobody around owned a bat?

Does it make your heart warm when you think of each storm

That brought rain hitting tin roofs with splats?

Can you think of the days when you watched through a maze

Of billowy curtains to see,

Daddy topping the hill, walking home from the mill,

Children playing outside happily?

Playing games in the street, kick the can, hide and seek?

Catching fireflies in an old mason jar?

Knowing someone is home and you're never alone?

Being loved for the person you are?

I feel sorry sometimes for the children I find,

Who don't know that our less was much more.

Every thing great and good isn't bought, but it could

Be found somewhere outside of a store.

Thank God for my years with their smiles and their tears!

But much more than all that is the "less".

With the "make-do" we learned, though at times we would yearn,

In the end I know now we were blessed!

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This is most excellent! Triple A+++ for the teacher. Got to be one of your best ones yet all the way round.
Bravo...take a bow!