His face was gaunt.  His eyes were moist.

He tensed as I walked by.

I said, "Good morning," took my seat,

And heard his anguished sigh.

He looked so sad, forlorn at heart.

I smiled my empathy.

He dropped his eyes and wrung his hands.

Again he looked at me.

"She told me I'd be sorry, and

My God!  Her words were true!"

She said, "I'll leave and let you go.

But, Honey, I'll haunt you."

I let him talk as was my job,

Frustration, stark and real.

He told me how he'd left his wife

Despite her sad appeal.

The tears that streaked his face were mute.

His eyes great volumns spoke.

He talked and cried, poured out his heart,

All with a voice that broke.

"I see her in each sunset now.

She's singing in the wind.

I feel her near in midnight hours."

My sorrow has no end."  

"She's there, but I can't hold her.

I sense her, but no kiss.

No arms to comfort, hold me.

Her love is what I miss."

I smiled as he stopped speaking.

I said, "I understand.

You love her, so GO GET HER!

Apologize, young man."

His visage fell like raindrops,

The pain was awful there.

He said, "She died this summer,

Before she knew I cared."

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This is really excellent. What more can I say?