Little Men

Family And Friends

Little Men

Sometimes when day is sinking low,

Into my mind I softly go,

To view the scenes that I love so,

My Little Men.

I hear the laughter and the tears,

I hug them close to ease their fears,

I find as dusk descends, appears,

I miss my Men.

A mother's heart cannot let go,

The memories create a glow,

No chill abates, no one can know,

My Little Men.

The two born first who gave such love,

That I felt blessed by God above,

To have each hug, each push or shove,

My Little Men.

The years have passed.  They both have grown.

They have their lives, their friends, and homes,

But they left love like none I've known,

My Gene and Ben.

I love you, My Little Men.

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kat's picture


This was really wonderful, and the music and pictures were perfect. Isn't it great how music or pics can inspire us to create something else? You made a terrific combination here, girl.