Growing Old

Growing Old

Passion I've had in great measure.

I don't mean to boast nor be bold.

Youth's wild hormonal-like treasure

Seems misspent, so trivially sold.

I find now I value much greater,

The wealth of emotion I find.

My life's day is waning.  It's later,

And something else plays on my mind.

I'm looking for peace and contentment.

I lost that somewhere in my youth.

But found love without bleak resentment.

I need you, and that, Sir, is truth.

There's more joy in sitting here...quiet,

Than ten thousand and ten yesterdays.

I prefer your love's steady diet.

Grow old with me.  Love me and stay.

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Rosemary J. Gwaltney's picture

I love this! And what a painting you found (did you paint it?) to go with it. Now that I'm past fifty, I am recognizing how few people write about growing older. We are here! We are alive! Let's write about it!

Reuben Hodge's picture

Shall I tell you how overcome with emotion I am at reading this? Should you know that my goals in life ran precisely with your own? May I say that I am two years older than you and wise in the ways of deceitful lovers? Would it be presumptuous of me to tell you that you are a most interesting lady? I need only to read your words and I have come home. Until next time I remain exclusively yours,

the Midnight Rider

kat's picture

Very nice Jessica, such sweet thoughts!