Guilty Conscience

Guilty Conscience

No one told me Susan came.

She had gone before I knew.

She has a definite lack of grace,

Since I'm her family too.

Once when I was but a girl,

I entered as if on cue,

To find her talking about my dad.

It broke my young heart in  two.

I never told what I had heard.

I wonder now if she knew?

Merging our worlds is impossible.

She avoids me like the flu.

Time alone will tell the tale.

She is paranoid, I think.

Yet, I forgave her long ago.

Her behavior really stinks.

Music: Killing Me Softly

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kat's picture

Hmmmm, I think I understand this one. Some people, huh?
Surely the guilty conscience is not yours....leastwise, it shouldn't be.
Nice write, nice presentation too.