A Fairy Visit

A Fairy Visit

I heard a tap tap tapping  from my windowpane today.

I thought, “That crazy hummingbird!  He just won’t go away!”

Then turning for a look at him, I got a grand surprise!

A dainty fairy princess stood there right before my eyes.

She folded arms across her chest and bounced one tiny foot.

She glared at me as though upset, a haughty, royal look.

I know I must have stood there for long moments, such a shock!

She pointed to the casing,  then up to the window lock.

Silly me, I let her in.  She flew on gossamer wings.

She floated like a butterfly.  She jumped as though on springs.

She whirled around my kitchen, into every corner flew.

I said, “Excuse me, Hon, but can I do something for you?”

Never did she pay me mind, in her haughty royal way,

Dipping, whizzing across and under, Little Sunshine Ray.

Just when I thought myself insane (no one sees fairy girls),

I heard a squeal, a tinkling laugh, and up again she whirled.

She held a teeny, tiny pearl in royal fairy grip.

She smiled at me, as she flew by and outside quickly slipped.

I watched her flutter through my flowers and toss the pearl away,

To other out-stretched fairy hands as games they all did play.

I don’t know how the fairy ball got here  inside my house.

I’ve never so much heard a cricket or a stray field mouse.

But I know now that I must be as careful as I can,

To watch each place I step least I should crush some fairy then.

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Absolutely delightful!

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Very nice and whimiscal, Jessica!
Tell me, are you too becoming inspired by the pics you find while looking for pics to go with your poems? It's a vicious circle you know! We'll never get done! LOL.