A Window To My World

A Window To My World

Sometime when life is easy,

You're idle for a while,

Please look here through my window.

You'll surely find a smile.

Just there outside my kitchen

Are flowers by the bunch.

Butterflies and hummingbirds

Will greet you, is my hunch.


My children long have parted,

No tending do they take.

Now I spend those extra hours,

With trowel, hoe, and rake.

I love the view that greets me,

Outside my window pane.

Please come see me anytime,

And ya'll come back again!

I want to thank Donkerman for teaching me how to illustrate my poetry with graphics and music.

Music: Welcome To My World

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Very nicely done, Jessica! Now that I have a "new view", perhaps I need to express myself.


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I have so enjoyed visiting your new work today! This one as all of the others is wonderful! I wish that I could get your music to play on my computer.

Isn't it funny how something can touch us so much that we just have to write something about it. This puts me in mind of a painting I saw at a sidewalk sale and wrote about here on PostPoems. It is called Depicted Sorrow if you have the time.

Thank you so much for letting me share this beautiful work!