D   on't worry about lack of graphics.

     O   nly ask him, my very good friend.

     N   ot only is he glad to help us,

     K   nowledge he'll cheerfully lend.

     E   verytime that I open new pages,

     R   ecently garnished (with help),

     M   y heart then again grows so grateful,

     A   ll credit is HIS!  I must tell!

     N   obody could be more hospitable.

         His praises I'll happily sing!

         Donkerman is the one who made possible,

         All pictures and cute moving things!

Music: Mist

Thank you, Donkerman!  You're the best!

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Teressa Heafner's picture

I love the picture and the music. Another great job!

Nicolette Van der Walt's picture

Dear Jessica

Our mutual friend has taught us well, lol!! This is a lovely dedication to a friend! Your graphics, music and pages are works of art – and you are an excellent “student” and poet!!

Warm Regards


. Donkerman's picture

Hi Jessica

I don't know what to say! Thank you!

Looking at how well you use the graphics - I can see you have a gift!

Regards from Down Under