She's done it again, that little thief!

She took the biggest pot.

She filled the center with grass and string.

Then sat down on the spot.


They each take turns at schreeching.

These Cardinals are my bane.

I know it's spring when they return

To drive me quite insane.


But this year I've won the battle.

Hah!  I fooled them both just right!

I planted that pot with a flower

That's the cheapest one in my sight.


I don't like to boast but I've beat them

At the game they play every spring.

They can have that old pot.  I don't want it.

It's not worth the ulcer they bring.


If I weren't so nice I would shoo them,

But the babies somehow I would miss.

I know for sure spring is coming.

When that momma bird greets with a hiss.


Music: Titanic

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Rachel  Marie Tate's picture

Cute picture you painted in my mind with this one :-) I could just see you out there, almost shooing them away, but then deciding against it with a shake of your head and slight smile...