I'm An American


I‘m An American!

Why am I furious while the tears still fall free?

The dead are my FAMILY. I'm American, you see!

Why does my heart cry for justice and fast?

Why demand retribution and revenge that will last?

I never will march with a sign and sad tears!

Why should we bow to your terrorists' fears?

What's wrong with your thinking and why don't you see?

If you get by with this, then NONE can be free!

My dad lay in foxholes around this big world,

And kept freedom stable for his little girl.

My ancestors fought at Atlanta and lost,

But the country REMAINED, and no matter the cost.

My DNA soaked into soft Grecian sand,

On the Phillipine Islands, Iwo Jima, and Spain!

Men from my family by land and by sea

Have traveled the globe to keep other men free.

Anywhere they were needed they rallied to fight,

For liberty's cause, to protect what was right!

Of course, I am angry and I have major cause.

We ALL were A-TTACKED! and by cowardly foes,

Warped individuals who think women are dirt,

Who cripple and maime, indiscriminately hurt!

You invaded our country and murdered our own,

Then fled all the carnage--went back to your homes.

Well, get something straight as you all celebrate,

This thing isn't over! You're demolished by hate.

This country was founded by plain honest folk

Who heralded freedom, and refused a fierce yoke.

We've stood in the trenches and fought with bare hands

To keep shining liberty's light through our lands.

We help all who need it and feed any poor,

We've broken our hearts, but we've opened our door.

To any and all we've held out a hand,

We speak for the mute, for the weak make a stand.

Why am I angry? Why does rage make me bold?

America's a FEELING that cannot be told!

It's getting up early on land that you OWN,

And raising your children in freedom at home.

It's knowing that no one can take what you've bought

Without breaking laws that were anchored in thought.

It's going to church without fear of assault,

You won't understand this and it isn't your fault.

You've been reared in hatred and soured by lies,

But you made a mistake--invading our skies.

What makes my blood boil, and hot tears still flow?

What makes my pulse race?  Are you sure you don't know?

WHY AM I ANGRY?  Could YOU understand?

You've declared war on ME!!  I am AMERICAN!!

Music: America The Beautiful

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kat's picture

VERY well said. Excellent as always, Jess.


Great-----Nothing like a bit of patriotism loved the verve in the poem--I am anglo-saxon English---and would die for it lol

Leah's picture

This is my favorite so far, mostly because I am still pissed off about the whole sneaky subversive way the terrorists went about murdering so many innocent people. I don't think it is over yet, either. I'm off to read more.

hhickson's picture

By yemenie...I think you have it. It really choked me up as I read it and every time I think how someone could come over here and experience our way of life and still do these heinous acts really makes my blood boil. If they want to have a Jihad, let them come out in the open and let's get it on. If they want to fight a shadow war, I think as a nation, our government would be justified in doing the same. To bring someone out of the shadows, you have to go in after them.