AAA Idiots

AAA Idiots

Somewhere on this earth are fools

Who have no better sense,

Than to cause disruptions, wreck and spoil,

And "techno-mess" dispense.

They have no morals nor respect

For others' property.

Sending viruses and worms

Gives them ghoulish glee.

I know it's all one-upmanship.

They think they've bested us.

We, the ones who saved our funds,

Bought systems that went bust!

I am convinced a higher source

Sees all malicious work.

And though they think they got away,

HIS justice they won't shirk.

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

I agree and I too believe in a higher source

kat's picture

You TELL 'EM Jessica! They are a pain the the.....well, you know. I hope you computer is fixed. You did a good job 'venting' here. *smile*