Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned

I've known kids who were needy.

I've known some who were lost.

I've met some quite intelligent,

And some who tried to boss.

But of all the ones in classes

From many years in school,

I've not met one who could not teach

Their teacher as a rule.

Some lessons learned were hard ones,

(Like you can't help them all.)

And some were hard to swallow,

Some made me cry and bawl.

But the best thing that I've garnered,

From a life within these walls,

Is that God gave a special blessing

When He placed me in these halls.

Music: Don't Worry, Be Happy

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Lesa Gay's picture

Do you have to download something to hear the music? For some reason I am not getting the sound. This is the first I have looked at so maybe it is just this one I cannot hear.

I love the picture you have choosen for the piece. I know that you are a wonderful teacher! I wish that my daughter would have been lucky enough to have a teacher take interest in her. She had such a tough time. Could not read until she was in 5th grade and still cannot write very well. She finally just dropped out. Broke my heart!

Thank you Jess for your remarkable talent. Your words always speak to me and I am sure all others that visit your hall.