What I'll Do

"I don't know what to do," I said as sadly I related

The woeful story of my life and not exaggerated.

She shook her head and comforted as only old friends do,

And with a pat she calmly sat and said, "I'm proud of you."

"You do your best and carry all the load that you've been given,

"I've seen you struggle on and on, for years now you have striven

"To make the best of what you have and asked for no one's favor.

"I pray for you and ask Our Lord, Please help her, Lord, Please save her.

"I don't know how this all will end and that's the God's own truth,

"But I DO know that you will win if by the skin of your tooth.

I stood and smiled and hugged my friend with wonder at her praise.

I'll make it now, no matter what.  A doubt?  No single trace.

I'll work the best that I know how to do what should be done,

And leave the race unto the Lord.  I'm too breathless now to run.

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kat's picture

Sounds like you got some good advice and put it nicely into verse. Good job, Jessica