Don't waste the time God gives you.  You've lost enough it's true.

The past is o'er and now those by-gone visions torment you.

Don't dream your hours away now on what will be to come.

The future isn't stable and that bank will fail for some.

Just seize the day, My Good Friend.  It's all you really need.

For you will lose the life you have just waiting to succeed.

So what if failure happened once before and you recall?

So what if you've been promised something better all in all?

The only thing to count on in this life that's vapor thin,

Is the NOW that you are holding in the hollow of your hand.

Music: As Time Goes By

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sometimes I look back and see that I wasted most of my life waiting for something to happen that never did.

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pkpbc1950's picture

Beautiful artwork, beautiful music, and a VERY beautiful poem!