School Daze

Sometimes I feel a little sad

for kids this day and age.

They all act grown and dress the same,

so somber and so sage.

I look back now with longing for

the times of yesterday,

When innocence was cherished,

childhood was time to play.

Our village lay close to the mill

and all the moms were home.

Not one grew angry with neighbors,

said, "Leave my child alone."

They all watched out as we all played

from street to pasture green.

Not one bad child would dare to sass.  

Adults were strict, NOT mean.

I don't remember dreading once

our going back to school.

I loved it and enjoyed it all,

the same old "golden rule".

We carried all our new supplies

in satchels held by hand,

Girls in dresses, boys in jeans,

we laughed and skipped and ran.

"Mother May I", "Red Rover" too,

and sometimes "Kick the Can",

Games we played and never grew tired,

a cheerful, happy band.

We spent our class time learning things

like sight words and math facts.

Disturbing was unheard of then.  

Homes reflected acts.

In all twelve years of grade school then

I don't recall a time  

When a teacher was disrespected.  

That was major crime.

Kids will be kids and we were too.  

We had our good and bad.

But wouldn't trade my own school days

for ones so modern and sad.

Each year the children grow older

in things their minds have seen.

Society is stealing youth--

the age of in-between.

Videos, computer games

have taken the place of fun

Experienced with friendship sweet

beneath God's golden sun.

Overweight generations now

sit still and will not run.

Play stations take the place of parks.  

Dear Lord, what have we done?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just an old teacher reflecting on what I observe...

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kat's picture

The truth well said.
I remember it all, and wish it could be so for my daughter. At least we haven't introduced her to play stations, or game boys. Unfortunately, when they are exposed to away from home we cannot always control.
Good write Jessica.