When I Paint

When I Paint

I lose myself in canvas and the smell of turpentine.

I take control when chaos reigns by painting shape and line.

The colors there reveal the place I really want to be.

And subject matter shows my dreams for all the world to


I revel in flamboyant hues with scads of colors bold.

The world I paint so oft' reflects the only joy I hold.

Don't shed a tear or feel regret for me and what I do.

I'm rich!  I'm blessed! I'm capable of sharing all with you.

There may be times when I have used my painting to escape,

But Ah-h! The joy it's given me is worth a ransom's weight.

For I have means to capture dreams and visions from before.

I paint the subject lost to past and then it's lost no more.

Music: Solitude

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I love to paint the rural scenes I remember from childhood.  I visited an area where we lived when I was in grade school and it broke my heart to see that the whole countryside had sprouted houses and subdivisions.  I remember fields of corn and tomatoes and pastures rolling for miles.  I paint them now so my own children can see what I once saw.

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

Outstanding! I love the heart in this. It's the way I feel about writing poetry itself.

Leah Murphy's picture


I told Jim to tell you how much I enjoyed reading this poem, but I didn't tell him that I can relate to it so well that it feels like I wrote it. We have a great deal in common and I can see it in all your work you have shared--both painted and written. God bless you.


kat's picture

Another excellent write, Jessica. Seems you are back in the swing of things.