I pity those who have no thoughts that roam and wish and soar.

Had I not dreams to comfort me, my life would be a bore.

When darkest days beset my lot and all around is gloom,

I may be sitting in your midst, yet no where in the room.

My heart has wings, and off it flies to places I've not been.

And when my dreams have had their stretch, I'm whoosh!

back home again.

I get my knowlege from my books and use it in degrees,

To race my mind away from stress and travel as I please.

To Stockholm, Dublin, Leningrad, to Bangkok and Cancun,

I promenade the foreign streets, Imagination's bloom.

I pity those who don't have dreams and hopes and wishful plans.

That's how I keep my sanity when daily trouble lands.

It takes no cash to think a trip to some exotic place.

I close my eyes and take a breath and off my soul does race.

When next you face repugnant things that make you wish for more,

Take heart, blithe soul, look to your dreams, and let your spirit soar!


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kat's picture

Excellent Jessica. Well expressed.