Like Bubbles


Like Bubbles

Words of love, endearments passed.

Like bubbles burst, they did not last.

The love I sought so fresh, so new,

I hoped to find, My Heart, in you.

Alas, your vows, rainbow hues,

Which rise above the morning dew,

Soft words all vacant, nothing there!

Vanished in the heated air!

My heart so sore, with promise raw,

Like bubbles burst, I thought I saw.

Lord, save me from myself, I think.

I dare to fly, yet always sink.

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salphire5's picture

Jessica, your super talent is once again revealed in this new and wonderful poem. How I can identify with it!
This is also the first time that I have seen a picture that actually matches the poem, and now I realize why. Your inspiration came from the picture, not vice versa. Well done! I love to read your work, and look forward to the opportunity of doing so with many more.