Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans

I always have a plan of work,

To-do lists make me smile.

I zip around and finish tasks,

And tackle all with style.

My lesson plans are much detailed,

Because that is my way,

But lately I've been dreading them,

And "Why is that?" you say?

Our classes are a block of time--

That's fifty minutes flat,

And in that space there's too much crammed,

Can't shuffle all of that!

The roll I take for ten or more,

As teams come slowly in,

The word wall takes at least five more,

And then they write for ten.

Essential questions must be there,

So should "discovery",

Objectives from the state to teach,

For twenty more, you see,

And should you think I'm hostile here,

Deciding to depart,

Just tell me when the hell am I,

Supposed to teach them art??!!

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kat's picture

I don't know where you even find the time to plan your lesson plan with all that
other stuff they ask you to do OUTSIDE the classroom.
Good write---hope you got out some frustrations!!