Reading From the Home Page

I like to read the poets who are posted here with me,

But lately I've been saddened by the tripe and muck I see.

Could so many young so clearly be so lost and hopeless live?

Are they writing what they think will shock or have nothing more to give?

I'd like to tell a few who wildly use profanity,

To try a few more adjectives for impact verbally.

"Where are the parents?" is my query as I shake my head,

It makes me sad to think our future leaders I have read.

Youth should be a time of hope for changing all they see,

A time of life and living, striving mainly to be free.

What I see from young misguided poet's here is sad.

They seek out bondage, lust in blood and turn what's good to bad.

I'm sorry if this poem isn't what you thought you'd read,

But I'm worried for the young here.  They hurt.  They drown in need.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I can't help it.  I've read about 30 poems today that are either outright disgusting profanity or talk of cutting and bleed ing and hate.  It's sad...

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abritelite's picture

I couldn't have put it better if I had tried.
It is a shame that some people of today that write are writing of so much hate and fear, and if it's from the
heart, it is from a bleeding one. And harder is the thought of who reads this and what they make from it. But as I said before you put it so well in this writing, If it helps just one person, it will be a start.

Robert LaFountain's picture

Hi Jessica,

Thanks so much for this post. I agree wholeheartedly. It saddens me that so much of what is being posted lately is of young peoples' pain and agony. I know they are trying to make a statement. And despite 'loving and concerned' suggestions to the administrative staff at PostPoems, those concerns seem to fall on deaf ears. I have no idea why. It's almost as if they are laughing at the honest concerns that 'good and caring' people have. PostPoems has evolved into what could become a fantastic site, but my feeling is that it has simply gotten too big, lost the human touch that made it so attractive in the beginning, and basically ignores any concerns that good people seem to be expressing. I guess negativity and tragedy are good selling points even for poetry sites. I hope they wake up before the site falters to the point of failure. They will probably succeed despite the good people who's suggestions they seem to ignore.

in light and Spirit,