I've had the feeders full for months,

But lately I can tell,

The word is out through avian life.

I can not break their spell.

For hours they zip and streak and whirr,

Across my flower bed.

I hear their humming in my sleep,

See beaks and throats of red.

I think that when God made the world

He took some extra time,

To make the lovely humming birds

That zip past line on line.

No thoughtless task was one that took

Such unique thrumming mites,

And gave them such a wondrous way

To brighten up my life.

If ever I forget to praise

The Lord who died for me,

I keep in mind the miracle

In hummers I can see.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I know God must have a good sense of humor to create something that gives so much pleasure to me as I watch them play.

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kat's picture

Aren't hummingbirds just great to watch? Have you ever seen two fighting over 'their' territory? Feeding, flying or fighting, they are always fun to watch. Nicely done, once again.