The painting of the fawn is by Leah Murphy of Bremerton, Washington.


I love the walk from house to woods.

And oh!  Those shaded paths!

Still, often I am stricken mute

By beauty unsurpassed.

The whispers from the leafy boughs,

The trill and call of birds,

The groaning of the ancient oaks,

By some remain unheard.

A panorama greets my eye

Of living wondrous things.

How can I help but be impressed

With creatures hooved and winged?

This morning with a watchful gaze

I stepped forth silently.

I heard the snort and blow of deer,

Knew I had company.

The snapping twigs and rustling brush

Forewarned of rushed retreat.

I smiled e'en though my favorite doe

I knew I would not meet.

Three golden bodies leaped away

And bounded through the trees.

I still don't know what made me turn,

But I was more than pleased.

He stood on wobbly legs and looked

With eyes so big and dark,

A fawn with coat of burgundy,

All spotted with white marks.

I've had a check for thousands

Be placed upon my palm.

I've lived with joy and peace and love,

Known days of lovely calm,

But the feeling flooding through me

When I saw her hidden babe,

Has made me glad this livelong day,

O'er the trick his mother played.

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For heaven's sake! You've put my name on your poem page as artist. I told you you could use it and I really never expected this. Thank you so much for letting me see it.