I said I'd travel the world.

Did I tell you I have an email buddy in Australia?

I said I'd have money to burn.

Who knew my ex's bad habits would strip the bank account?

I said I'd paint all summer.

Do the hall, kitchen molding, and bathroom exterior wall count?

I said I'd be famous one day.

Why did they put MY little traffic accident on the frontpage??

I said I'd love you forever.

Do you think I look this sad for nothing?

Music: Dreaming

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raila's picture

First of all thank you for coming by and checking out my poetry home. Second I have never viewed a poetry site like yours with all of the paintings to compliment your poems. I personally like this piece and loved the way you captured your feelings. I am very impressed with your artistic mind. Please stop by my place again and I will be sure to visit you again!


kat's picture

Never too late for those ambitions, Jessica. I guess we all have those little desires we're not sure we'll ever have. *sigh* Oh well, work on one at a time, perhaps we'll get one or two. Nice job, great picture! I'm jealous...where do you find them??


Leah's picture

Boy! This one sure hits home. I was going to change the world for the better, paint a masterpiece, be Miss Somebody Special..... I know just how you feel. I hope you have more poetry to read because this is very very real.