Are These Tears for Me or You?





      wet tears

     Falling so-o

     Quickly, oh,

      so,  Sad!!

         SAD                   U



                              and I, I

                             am left all

                           alone to cry

                          these tiny but

                        bitter, hard tears

                        for you.  I ache. I

                          sigh.  O God I

                             hurt for you,

                                and then

                                   I cry.






         I can’t do a

        single thing

         to  change          

          what has             I

             been               do



                                 try the



                                  tell.  I          

                                   can       b





                                          sigh and

                                         cry. Lord,

                                         I do CRY

                                          for you.        


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I feel like crying today.

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Kristine Snow's picture

Shape poems can be really fun. I liked reading your teary one.


salphire5's picture

Your water painting with words is exquisite. Those tears will not dry, weighted as they are with sad emotions.
Some people wring out the wetness, others write it out. We are lucky that you chose as you did.
Thank you for posting.
F. Salphire

Douglas Lazard's picture

I guess somtimes we all feel like crying, even if it is only tears of joy...
"To be human is to feel... One cannot feel completely without tears"
I love the shape of this~~
Peace and love ~~~~ Dougie ~~~

michael's picture

Jessica, very well written, too sad that this concrete must be so wet.

Yvonne Coffey's picture

Hi Jessica,
Another great poem ! Very artistic and original. I love the idea of paiting a picture with your poems.
Keep up the good work. I hope this one is another winner if you submit it.

Take Care,

MARY L LAMB's picture

jessica those lok like sweet tears. I wish I could make picturs out on lines like you did. the kind that help heal scars. I like this one. Mary Lamb.

kat's picture

Hi Jessica,

Nice poem. I liked the teardrop images also.
Aren't we lucky, in a way, that as women we can cry whenever we feel the need to?
And, so many reasons too.