Here Is My Heart

OK. Well,                     Um, Look!

So, here it is!!                 My  own heart!!

No, it is not new, Oh,        No.  But, it IS mine.

I just wanted to remind you, Sir, that you still

have it, since you stole it  long, long, ago, and

I've been very lost since you snatched it out

You didn't even replace it with your own!!

You just took my heart, and trashed it!!

Trash--like old discarded paper. So

tell me if you can, why don't you

love me??  You took my poor

heart and I can't love one

single living soul ever

like I so love you.

Why don't you

love me??




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just playing around.....Valentine's Day is coming up...

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hhickson's picture

BUT, Mine was used in a postive way...I printed it and used it to wrap a bracelet for my wife and bound it with a red ribbon and a single red rose. hee-hee. Scored major points.


angelcrane's picture

NICE! I luv how u've made the poem into the shape of the heart. Now that's a form of poetry that I havent tried to do. hmmm giving me ideas! THANX!! Its really quite interesting as well... I think I've been there so many times when a boy would take my heart and I cant seem to look at any one else but him. So attached! But really, they dont give a damn about me. Aw well, Thank goodness valentines is over this year! Hopefully, next year will be better :)

Michelle Lewis's picture

LoL nothing like "Hope" I thought it would be....LoL I liked that. Hehehe

Yvonne Coffey's picture

Hi Jess,
Congratulations on poem of the week ! second let me say this poem is wonderful and very nicely done.
I myself would never of been able to do the same if I tried. You have great talent.
Keep up the good work. Stop by if you have a chance at my site.

I'll be back soon to read more.

Joyce Counts's picture

Hey Jess, It has taken me a while to get here. So happy to have seen this. I really admire your style. what more can I say? Switch/Click=Good Night. Joyce/Spanky

pudnsis1's picture

A day after viewing your poem I am still amazed at the perfection of the image. You most certainly do have a style, besides a way with words. Thank your for this magnificent piece of concrete poetry. Linda

michael's picture

I like the things that concrete poetry can do visually as well as mentally. you do it well. Thanks.

pkpbc1950's picture

WOW ~! Jess, this is incredible. I certainly admire your writing ability and YOUR GREAT talent. This poem is a perfect example.
Loved it!

Jennifer Schultz's picture

Haha, that's so cute! I enjoy this. Good writing!

Kristine Snow's picture

This is so neat! It must have taken you a while to get this so perfect! I LOVE it!


Helen Schmidt's picture

Hi Jessica,

What a challenge that must have been to write a poem in a heart shape! You certainly have succeeded well! What a creative idea and great job of writing! Congratulations!


Sarah Shaw's picture

LMAO!! You are a dag! hehe :) You have done this so well Jess, mine didn't even look like a heart, so bad I gave up and deleted it! I'm having a few drinks (too many) LOL
I'll be back tomorrow to read more of your wonderful work!
Keep smiling,
Love Sarah