Easter's Meaning

eggs, or chicks,
are cute, but are not
what I see when I think
of Easter.  I see an open
gapingly empty tomb with an
angel there who is smiling and
proclaiming  to you and to me, to
the  whole  world  that Christ, Our
Savior and Lord has risen from the
grave for  the salvation of all men.
And that because of Him all of us
might have everlasting life freely
given.  Yes, Easter is a Holy and
sacred time that has not even
one single thing to do with
eggs or baby chicks. It
is simply my Jesus,
Our Savior!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

God is so good to me!!

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Dear Jessica,

You are so right! The true meaning of Easter is so often times forgotten. This was beautiful. ~Lesa~

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The egg-shaped nature of
Easter's Meaning" add greatly
to its aethetic appeal; and
is well blended with the
glaring balladic message
Jessica gives us with all
of its hopeful metaphor
and truth!

Jesus is Lord indeed.
And is risen forever!


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Wonderful, and SO needed today...thanks for writing this.

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this is the absolute truth... And I love the egg too!!
I'm glad to be back... missed you jessica !
peace and love ~~~~ Dougie ~~