The One That Got Away

Art: Original Acrylic Painting on Canvas by Jessica Cook Martin

The One That Got Away

For years each weekend they would go

In search of elusive deer.

I packed a lunch. They gathered guns,

While dad iced down his beer.


Nothing I said could stop their sport.

And that, my friend, is for sure.

These males went out in hunt of game,

Their reasoning was pure.


Eventually I just quit,

Trying to talk to my men.

I let them leave in the pickup,

Then watched the magic begin.


As big as life HE watched from where

He stood inside the trees.

As soon as they left, he came stepping out

With rustling of the leaves.


The king of deer lived in our yard,

But he and I were friends.

I took his photo, painted it,

And let that be the end.


I never told a single soul,

That every Saturday,

For sure I'd see a masterpiece,

The One That Got Away!

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Music: What A Wonderful World

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Karyn Indursky's picture

Beautiful painting. Splendid poem. It's amazing how talented one person can be.

Joan Bazil's picture

I've been perusing your work (poems and paintings). It's so much easier to access now you have organised your themes into folders. I can see now why you enjoyed my poem 'Wild Harts'. Looking at your paintings, I witness a world that, to an English woman seems so American. Wow!

In many ways our countries have been brought closer together by the recent troubles; yet, I struggle with the notion of patriotism, being a sort of universalist whom is disturbed by the way in which our world is now so deeply fragmented. I pray that one day, all cultures will be able to eat at the same table.

This is a fine painting. I am glad he got away.

P.S did you take the photo of New York (4th July)? I really liked the photo.

hhickson's picture

When I was about 16, I killed my 1st and last deer. I swore that the only way I would ever hunt an animal (other than fish, which I throw back) is with a camera. Got to admit, though, the venison was good.


Leah Murphy's picture

I really like this and will be honored if you use my painting.