Who Tossed The Alphabet Up?

Who Tossed The Alphabet Up?

I try pronouncing names that I

Can't read without their help.

Who told these people fifteen ways

One simple name to spell?

What's with folks now? Have they begun

To make up their own names?

Did they not realize that kid

Would have to spell said same?

Poor little five year old is he

With name twelve letters long.

No wonder school makes him feel sick.

His skills are not that strong.

What's wrong with Tom, or Jane, or Fran?

What's wrong with Bill? Marie?

At least those kids can say their names

Without a phonics key.

Music: Sugar Plum Fairy

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

this piece is cute but I dont agree with long names being wrong. My daughters name is Heatherdawn (11 letters) not hyphenated or Capital D for dawn , one full name so she has no middle name. Heather is a wheat that grows freely in scotland, dawn is the new beginning. She has blonde hair and was born 12:16 am so there you have the name by the way ,it wasn't till she was an adult she did not like her "long" name she goes by Heather which I will NOT acknowledge that is NOT her name.

Rachel  Marie Tate's picture

I find this one ironically funny- I feel bad now, I named my son D'Angelo and he's gonna have to mess with two capitals and the ' thingy :-0 Ohhh what have I done? Luckily, he's a little smarty pants and will have that all figured out before he hits kindergarten :-)