Life Lessons

Life Lessons

Irridescent yellow

Worn by daffodils

Flaunting color in dead grass

As the early morning chills,

Hyacinths of purple,

Tulips many-hued,

Stand in grand attention

Row on row in beds I choose.

The fields are grey and sombre

But the bulbs beneath the sod,

Don't know that winter's ugly.

They take their cue from God.

And just when cold winds linger

With such bleakness everywhere,

The bulb that's been there all along

Bursts through with brilliant flair.

It makes me think of Jesus.

He said, "I'll not forsake..."

But oft' times I admit it,

It looks as if He's late.

The worries and the sorrows,

Seem to steal my joy and song,

But they burst forth with His sweet touch,

And He's been there all along.

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kat's picture

Very nice, as usual.
I love it when the flowers apear just at the end of winter.