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o.m.a.r is how you spell best i spread dicease more than your mother spreads her legs. i infest i decaide. i love and i fucking hate. at this time im a very happy creature. a fucking leach a fucking demon who things himself as an angel. where is the antidote? where is youre imortality? where is your heaven? where is youre creation? where is the evidence for your life? what do you have to show? an empty mind is never acceptable never fucking worth, never shit. not dim never lit. i respect intelligence and wisdom. when you wish dont wish for you wish for them, god bless the dead and those souls whom dont get any rest like they smoked too much meth. no more to say i hope you have a nice day like im saleing you shit. too fucking late. too fucking incorrect

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coors,miller,jose cuervo, and bacardi

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Ohhh I really liked this. That first line is priceless. ;) This flows really well, and is easy to read because not every other word rhymes, but you throw enough in there to make it, erm, flowey. haha.