I wish I could beleive

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You know beleiving god would be so much easier than my perplexing endless abyss of pointless questions without answers. If only I was able to make myself ignorant and take out the possibility of any reason at all and just put my entire existence into the obliged hands of someone else (existent or non). That would take so much wieght off the shoulders. No more thinking, hell you're pretty much set when you die also depending on wheter or not heaven exists. If it does or doesn't it still doesn't hurt to get the insurance plan ( I mean hey its free right?). It really is not easy enough for me to just believe in god, I mean it worked when I was 10 but now that I have a real grasp on the world and my very basic common sense won't even let me fiddle with the absurdities of the "good book". I guess I'd rather take life sober than drunk.

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