Falling off of a cliff

faster and faster

saved by a sea of denial

but reality drowns you when you lose something you love

days seem useless

food and water taste stale

I'm nascious

wondering what the hell

why am I here if not for her

my head is heavy

my bodys fatigued

but if I sleep I will dream of her

when will the day end

when will time fly again

it feels as if she died

I try to cry but my tears are dry

I try screaming for her but i cant breathe

I'm drowning in this sea of denial

I am alone now

scared and useless

hugging my bottle

shutting out my life

drinking and drinking

drinking the knife

thats cutting my veins

i consume the denial

i swallow it down

choking on you

the reason I drown

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Oh, r not those feelings o so true. I felt the same way when my boyfriend of 10mons broke up w/me. *remember the saying