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  How do we as humans have the ability to ignore? We roominate whats been handed down to us over a peoriod of centuries. Its a system that doesn't work. I feel like I'm looking at the world and its hauntingly similar to Shirley Jacksons short story "The Lottery". If you haven't read then read it. Its not very long at all. In reference to the lottery we support the system until something bad happens to us. We do it every day. No one really goes through an amazing revalation or epiphany until after reality is shoved down your fucking throat.

        We as human beings care, we really do but we're being separated by man made implications. We are a naturally violent race but that was primitive behavior and it wasn't as violent as it is now. In ancient Rome and Greece a battle would only last about 10 minutes and be done. Before the battle started a sequence of rituals that is common in all life forms that have a fucntional central nervous system would occur. They would posture scream and yell, wear intimidating armor, much like a buck puffs his chest to another buck, or the pea cock shows his feathers to his opponent and vise versa. They posture in hopes of scaring off their opponent so blood shed doesn't happen and their race can thrive.

        Its instinct to protect your own race but instinct leaves us humans as greed takes over both logic and preservation. Now a days a war will last 10 years or over rather than 10 minutes. We are being fucked!! Countries and money are being traded while we bleed, and the only thing we can think about is ourselves and our own family. I know what you're thinking now. You're thinking "whats wrong with that?". Well I'll tell you, when you're out for your own self and family then you've fundamentally ruined your very own foundation.

Would you want a president who only had the interest of himself and his own family to govern this nation??

        We need to think of everyone because the truth is we are no better than anyone. None of us is more deserving to live than the other. We are not different, people in the world are all very similar as it is a consequence of living and growing in a world that consists of billions of people and the basis of their moral values are fundamentally the same. Everyones sense of humor is common, what we find revolting is relatively common. So whos to say that you can only love a set group of people because they're you. Everyone in the world is you. You can fall in love with more than one female or male just the same it happens all the time.

        When random people die those people are you!!!! When people are unfortunate enough not to have health care those people are you!!! When a genocide occurs, those people, those families that are being brutally murdered are you!!! Its because we all share a common ground this Earth is ours and we desserve to love damnit. But when you think BETTER THEM THEN ME then you've killed your own right to love because things can happen introversly and the same situation can be dumped on you. When that happens, the people you didn't care about will not have the same attitude as you because they know what its like to have the right to love taken away from them, but its too late for them. You'll fail just as they did because instead of comming together, you'll be worried for yourself and that is the best weapon the system can have. They'll first make sure we're devided then strip us of our rights. Violence is never the answer for anything. Humans should care for their own species no matter what.

        SUPPORT FREE HEALTHCARE YOU IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!! Its a start.

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