Edge of the World

2010 Poems

Here I stand,

Between self doubt and defeat.

I walked this far,

Only to come to where the city ends.

It was a long walk,

Between canyons of glass and stone.

The lights shone brightly,

But there’s no light here.

I've walked among the anonymous faces,

All of us leading such different lives.

A city of 8 million,

But no one saw me tonight.

A city of neon lights,

Buildings of dizzying heights,

Yet we are all alone,


Before me the bay,

Sounds quieted by the park trees.

I'm alone in the night,

Just me and the waves.

But there’s no beach here,

No sandy shore.

Just steel and stone,

Keep the water away.

The tide is rolling in,

The wind is crisp,

The wind is cold,

Biting in my face.

A statue of liberty shines across the way,

A beacon of hope for so many.

Today I wonder what she stands for,

I fear it may all be a lie.

Planes fly overhead,

Lines of artificial light,

As they prepare to land,

I can only wonder how many are looking down.

Would they see the loan figure?

The kid who survived the walk,

And now stands silently,

Searching the waves and distant lights,

Trying to make sense of it all.

The trees have no leaves,

Winter still clings to the air,

And a chill sets in my bones,

Wish I had brought a jacket,

Wishing I had someone near.

Leaning back,

Stars illuminate the night sky.

Only the strongest,

Only the brightest can be seen,

The rest remain hidden.

Like the city behind me.

Only a select few can make it,

Can be seen.

The rest are the nameless masses,


Flow in and out with the tide.

A ferry speeds past,

Its wake crashes against the wall.

Soon the sounds of those waves drown out the engine,

But all is calm once more.

I'm freezing,

But I can't bring myself to leave.

For once I'm alone,

Alone in this great city.

If for only a few minutes,


This is my hideaway,

This is my secret spot.

I dreamed of going west,

I was sick of always missing the sunrise.

But out west,

You can always catch the sunset.

But here tonight,

I remembered why I love this city.

Nothing compares to its sights,

Its sounds, the smell.

The city touches you,

You can taste it in the air.

And here I am,

At the end.

The very edge of the city,

Silent, cold,

Yet undeniably alive.

Boats skim across the waves,

Planes float amongst the stars,

And every now and then,

The wind carries the sound of traffic.

Here I can stand,

Here I can think.

A few brief moments,

Of quiet un-worrying thought.

Just forget it all for a brief moment,

Just me and the bay.

Maybe I fucked up my future,

Or maybe this was exactly what I needed.

Only time will tell.

Sure, I'm insecure.

Sure, I'm a mess.

But here, at the end.

I can forget.


Here I am me.

Here I can be happy,

If only for a moment.

Here amongst the stars,

The lights and the waves.

I can just be.

Just be me.

Words flow from my hands.

And lines fill the paper.

Something I can be proud of,

Because I can't be proud of myself.

I swear I'll try,

Try to fix it.

But I’ve said it all before,

Its only empty promises.

And even if I did,

I'm sure I would only find another flaw.

One more mistake.

Damn, I could fill a book.

I don't know where I'm going to go.

What I'm going to do.

Or who I'm going to be.

But being here,

At the end of the world,

I can finally realize,

I think I am okay with that.


If I ever need a break,

A space to think,


I have this spot.

If I need opportunity,

The city is behind me.

And if I just want to say "fuck it,"

The water is right in front of me,

And the current strong.

But tonight,

This night.

It is just me.

I can watch the lights dance amongst the waves,

Feel the wind,

Taste the salt.

And smell the sea.


I'm alone,

And I think I am okay with that.

Because tonight,

Is my night.

To pull it all together,

And move on.

Well, at least,

I'll try.

I hope someone in those planes above,

Can look down and see me.

At least then,

It's not like I’m totally alone.

For there’s life all around.

I'm lost in my head,

But I realize I’m no longer alone.

Time to return from the edge.

Walk back to the people,

The neon light.

Back up the canyons of stone and glass.

I'll leave behind my spot,

To the next person.

I have outstayed my welcome.

So, for now.


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