Beating Out of Time

2009 Poems

Can't you hear me now?

Baby my heart is beating out of time.

There’s a hole in my chest,

From where you tore it from me.

Can't you hear me now?

I'm crying at your feet.

Begging you not to go,

Yet you’re already out the door.

Why does it always end this way?

Why do you always leave me?

Baby please don't go,

I'm sorry for all my mistakes.

But it’s already too late,

Because I’m only talking to the empty room.

So here I am.

Sitting against the wall.

Slowly crying myself to sleep once more.

And baby,

You’re just watching from the window.

Laughing to yourself.

While I destroy myself for you.

Why did I believe it?

Why did I need it?

Another sleepless night.

More bloodshot eyes.

A pain in my chest I can no longer stand.

Need to run to where the lights shine bright.

The city of neon and light.

Run away from my cold dark night.

Light up my dreams,

Shooting to the stars,

They only crash down once more.

Yet here I am,

Can't you hear it now?

Baby, my heart is beating out of time.

And my time has come.

To sit back,

And watch the sunrise.

Another tired day.

So I hope you can wait for me.

Because you’re someone I want.

But I’m not ready for you,

I won’t be ready for awhile.

But baby if you cared enough,

Maybe you would stick around.

But you never do,

You’re always walking down the hall.

You have one foot out the door.

Leaving me here on the cold floor.

So goodbye once more,

Another risk I can’t take,

Another dream shot down.

I'll never let myself find what I want.

I'll never let myself feel what I need to feel.

And I'll never know why.

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