Gray City

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Driving down the two lane road.

Trees all around.

Heading to lights and action.

Leaving the quiet and peace.

A gray and cold day.

The scene before you,

Like looking at a black and white picture.

Speeding over the bridge,

Buildings rise into the sky.

Clouds roll overhead,

As I get out and walk down the street.

A city of millions.

A single me.

He is lost in the crowd.

The man.

One foot in front of the other.

Knows where he came from.

But has no clue where he is going.

Walking down the street.

The gray sky overhead,

A blue hue across the cityscape.

Buildings scrape the sky,

And his mind scrapes the truth.

Unsure how to proceed.

Unsure why he thinks the way he does.

A cool crisp breeze.

Only winter could bring.

And only the city could have.

It cuts into his face.

But unlike up north,

It doesn’t hurt.

Feels so right.

A quiet breeze,

A cool breeze,

A knowing breeze.

It speaks in his ears.

It knows what he thinks.

Yet it doesn’t tell anyone else...

Inside his mind,

Fantastical images play.

Colors and people.

Guys and girls.

Dance through his head.

Music blasts out of the headphones.

Sometimes just wants to be alone.

Walk down his street.

And feel the breeze in his face.


Time away.






What I need.

What I want.

They go together.

And are so far apart.

Music blasts in my head...

    Songs on the air.

Songs from cars.

    Songs from life.

Songs about mine.

    The son of rage and love.

The Extraordinary girl.

    What is her name?

I know mine,

Have you found yours?

And still he walks.

In and out of light.

Across streets.

Through traffic.




Walking on.

No clue where he is going.

But won’t forget where he has been.

Waiting for the New Year.

Big changes.

Just like the others.

Will it make a difference?


The gray city.

Rises into the sky.

As his lone silver car drives in.

Not listening to everyone else.

His mind is somewhere else.

Lost in the clouds.

The hot guys on the sides of the road.

On her last few words.

On the last thing he told me.

On finding someone he didn't want to see again.

Lost in despair,




And pain.

The moon rises in the gray sky.

Hidden behind the gray clouds.

A rainy day.

A dark night.

A black and white picture.

The city,

And me.


He can't stay for long,

He gets back in the silver bullet,

And speeds home.

Returning to the cold and dark country.

Away from the dream and back to reality.

Life here isn't black and white.

How he wishes he can return to the city,

Where as today,

It certainly was.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

About me if you’re wondering... or couldn’t tell. But a bit more artsy then some of the other attempts.

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