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We are fools.

The richest.

The most powerful.

We claim to help,

We claim to care.

Yet people are dieing everyday.

We don't help.

The biggest names in the world.

And we sit at home acting like nothing is happening.

We are people who don't care.

Don't even know what’s going on next door.

Why would we care what happens across the world.

People die every 3 seconds.

AIDS, discrimination, pain and suffering.

Why won’t we do anything?

No one rises up.

At least not here.

And when others do.

No one acknowledges it here.

The concerts broadcast around the world.

In America, a mere 2 hours.

It is pathetic,

It is stupid,

And it’s a shame.

Are we the stereotypical rich snobs?

The sick fucks that toy with the poor.

The bastards who throw bread at the homeless.

Ask why they don’t get a job.

What is wrong with us?

With the world.

With humans?

Some do rise,

Add their name.

Stand and fight.

Most are dismissed as lunatics,

Others assassinated,

And many more unheard.

Its time for us to realize, that we are all the same.

We are people.

And just because some of us are in America,

Doesn’t mean we can't help fellow brethren.

Our selfish greed,

Our selfish lives,

Our selfish ways.

We need to rise up,

Realize that we are all a family.

And if we all united,

Fight the system that tries to keep those poor,

And the rich, rich.

It happens in our own country,

Our own cities,

Our own towns.

And we can't even spare the time to change that.

How can we expect things to change?

Without first changing ourselves.

What would it take?

To realize how fucked up we are.

If it hasn't happened already,

Will it ever?

Or will it take a war?

A billion deaths?

Suffer the weight of war?

Or perhaps just realize,

That we need to help.

Forget our petty differences,

And realize our similarities.

Stop being so fucking selfish.

And start caring.

Realize if we don't stop it now,

And ignore it as it knocks on the door,

We will fall into it.

And when we do.

Who will save us?

If we can't even save them...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Its the problem with the world. The problem with us. And I think it's a start. At least maybe someone will read it, And maybe if even for a second, think a little differently.

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Kali Romaine's picture

this was a good poem and it had alot of meaning keep writing.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!