The Lonely Mind

Personal Poems

Trapped in the darkness.

Unable to find anyone.

Lost in the emptiness,

Trying to find someone.

The loneliness of life.

The need to find friends,

Not just the ones you put on an act around.

The ones that you can be yourself,

Be as serous as you want to be,

As easygoing,

Not an asshole as I am to so many.

To finally be my own person,

Don’t need to crack the jokes,

Or be so nice all the time.

For now I am lost,

I have a disease,

The disease of loneliness.

The only cure is so hard to find.

Just one person,

Only one.

Someone that respects you,

But understands.

Just there,

When ever you need them,

And you can be there whenever they need you.

Not the people you know now,

The children that run around you.

No it’s someone who has also grown up to fast,

Someone who acts older then they are,

But is still a child on the inside as well.

That is the impossible quest,

To find what can't be found,

Someone like yourself.

Whether man or women,

Who can tell?

It’s just the soul that counts.

So for now I live in this hell,

And the only rescue,

The only cure to the disease,

Is a person who cannot be found.

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