Personal Poems

It’s funny…

How a group makes the worse things right.

If everyone laughs,

Then it’s all right.

Do we ever think?

Care about those we were laughing at?

It would seem we never do…

For me, I myself,

Well I do, though only to late.

As soon as the funs over,

You think what you said, how sorry you are.

Are they really sorry?

I am, truly and honestly,

I am.

Can you promise never to do it again?

‘Course you wish you could.

But you never do.

Can’t even keep a promise to a person who you care about.

How fucked up is that?

And yet,

In the end,

All you can say,

Over and over again,

Is: “I’m sorry.”

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Since I wouldn't be able to say it to your face.

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