The pain, the hurt, the fighting desire,

to put and end to this blasting fire.

My soul is ripped and torn apart,

the blood is seeping from my heart.

The anger, the rage, the fear within,

wanting to put my life to an end.

The need to run, the desire to go,

End the battle, begin the show.

Blood's still pouring, the lights getting bright,

the battle will stop sometime tonight.

The show will start, the dance has begun,

the fear of completion must be undone.

No one should make your life so mundane,

no one should live with this much pain.

There's fire in the fight, knives in hands,

ripping apart the thick rugged bands.

This place is covered in blood and fire,

tempting pain, releasing desire.

Walking away but not without,

winning the battle without a doubt.

Now the rain will pour for days,

cleaning the mess of my vengeful ways.

Cleansing the skin of those left here,

life is now lived without any fear....

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